Little Drummer

Learn the basics of drumming while simultaneously gaining skills needed to be successful in school. Best of all, it comes with FREE CUSTOM DRUMSTICKS!

Course Summary

Little Drummer is a creation of the husband and wife team, Max and Deanna Maxwell, a professional musician and a lifelong educator. Little Drummer is an engaging course for preschool and early elementary aged children that fills the gap between when your child is begging you to play the drums and when they are developmentally ready for lessons at your local music store. Our program will teach the basic skills needed to be a drummer while simultaneously teaching essential skills your child will need to be successful in school and in life! Listening Comprehension, Fine Motor Skills, Hand Eye Coordination and Focus... just to name a few! We provide you with detailed parent videos explaining what your child is learning and why they are learning it. We also provide engaging and fun child videos for your child to follow along with as Max turns them into a Little Drummer! We also include super fun enrichment activities you can do with your child after the lesson that will build on the skills being taught. Best of all... our program comes with FREE custom drumsticks, designed by Max, made especially for preschool-aged hands! We hope you join us today! We can't wait to meet your Little Drummer!


Little Drummer in the News!

What does drumming have to do with reading and how can drumming teach your child the skills needed to be successful in school and life? Stay tuned for this episode to get the answers from our special guests who combined their passion for making music and lifelong experience as an educator to create a one-of-a-kind online video course for your pre-school age child.

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Little Drummer

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